Canada is known for its untamed wildness and hiking trails. Considering this, hikers come from far-and-wide craving to enjoy the adventure and incredible views offered by Canadian hiking attractions. The complexity and detail also provide a rare chance to test your hiking skills. Below are some of the best spots to go for hiking in Canada.

Black Tusk Trail

The Black Tusk is at the pinnacle of a volcanic rock in British Colombia’s Garibaldi Park. Here, hikers stand to enjoy a thick mountainside, a day of luck and challenging rock scrambling before eventually the fantastic sights of the snowy mountain peaks around the trail. This trail is about an hour and a half drive from Vancouver and is endowed with a variety of hiking spots.

West Coast Trail

This remote and wild hiking trail covers at least 75 kilometers. Located at the northern parts of Vancouver Island, it is often considered to be the holy grain of hiking. The rainforest environment on this island makes it a lot more challenging, but with some perseverance, you will enjoy incredible sights, caves, waterfalls, and some whale spotting.

Ivvavik National Park

This is among the most popular hiking trails in Canada. For that reason, this attraction attracts huge crowds, which can be a drawback on some sought. The popularity of this destination is highly popular for its true Arctic wilderness experience – no designated trails, grizzly bears, timber wolfs, a few caribous, and some muskox sightings. The experience offered by these attractions is timeless but not the best for hikers that like solitude.

Now that you have an idea of some places to visit, you need to do due diligence on your part to ensure you get a worthwhile experience. Things like time of the year, weather, length of the trip, and what to pack matter a lot.