Canada Day 2018 at the Old Port of Montreal

On June 12, 2017, the Old Port of Montreal unveiled its preliminary master plan in attempts to revitalize this extensive facility. With everything going as planned, Canada Day 2018 (festive family celebrations) were hosted on this facility. This was indeed a special day where Canadians got to participate in all manner of family & social activities and some photo shoot sessions.

The Show

On this day, local artists also joined forces and offered an excellent show. From afro-fusion to angelic voices, opera to electro, they were united in highlighting music from near and far. Notably, the kids’ choir directed by the phenomenal Roseline Blain, and other performances from renowned groups like the African Voices of the H’Sao are at their best, creating an energetic and festive experience.

Commemorating 100 years after the First World War

The Canada Day was also an occasion to commemorate the participation of Canadian Troops in the First World War. As a result, this also proved to be vital in reiterating Canada’s peacekeeping efforts and two young graffiti artists were given the honors to paint a massive mural for peace.

A United Canada

Also, the theme of unity among Canadian nationals was honored in this show. Lots of shared values and dreams unite Canadian people. Other unifying factors such as nature and international achievements in both art and athletics were celebrated here.

About the Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port of Montreal is a federal territory. Besides the Canada Day Commemorated this recently, it has always been hosting a variety of cultural and leisure activities for more than 25 years. Bordering a 2.5km stretch of the St. Lawrence River, the old port is a popular tourist attraction in Quebec. With more than 7 million visitors annually, a $175 million master plan (open to public consultations), is poised to give Montrealers’ and Tourists every reason to visit this facility.