Casinos Near Sports facilities

Canada offers an excellent gambling experience for casino gamers. There are close to 100 casinos spread across different Canadian provinces. Most of these are top-notch with a vast collection of casino games for all types of gamers. The main types of gambling practiced in Canada include casinos, horse racing tracks, and sports betting parlors. That said, this article looks at some gambling facilities near sports facilities in Canada.

Hastings Casino Vancouver

If you love spending your time enjoy the thrill and fun associated with horse racing events, you might have visited the Hastings racecourse. Tourists from Canada and other countries storm this racecourse in from April to October, where the days are always packed with thrilling horse races.

In this casino facility lies the Hastings casino, which features a 42,000-square foot floor space. This facility is a proud part of Canadian casinos with more than 500 slots machines and a variety of horse racing amenities.

Woodstock Racetrack and casino

Woodstock is a popular Canadian city known for gambling at its racing. Horseracing a good reason to be in Woodstock and most people coming to this city come to see the thrilling races. In this sports facility lies the Woodstock Casino that houses close to 180 slot machines in its 5,000-square foot floor space. This is a relatively small casino, but the arrangement and overall design of the facility make it appear much bigger than its actual dimensions.

Raceway Casino

Rideau Carleton Raceway is a popular horse racing and gambling complex in Ottawa. This facility is the ultimate travel destination for fun and entertainment. In the casino, you will be welcomed with over 1000 slot machines, plus a variety of table games like the Mini Baccarat and the roulette.

It is evident that a good number of casinos in Canada are located near horseracing tracks. These sport facilities are known for fun and entertainment irrespective of their location.