Cycling Tourism in Niagara

Niagara is a great place to visit in Ontario. To the surprise of many, there is a lot to see in this part of Canada more than the falls. Cycle tourism is increasingly becoming popular and more and more tourists are ditching their cars to explore the beautiful Niagara Region from their bikes. Cycle tourism is a niche tourism market in Ontario, and as of 2015, it accounted for close to two percent of the overall tourist spending.

The Niagara Area

The Niagara area spans from Lake to Ontario all the way to Lake Erie. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Canada but all over the world. Close to 14 million people visit the Niagara region annually.

Its geography and extensive trails make it one of the best places for cycle-tourism. Most riders prefer using the Greater Niagara Circle, which takes them all the way from the Niagara River, Lake Erie, Welland Canal, right to Lake Ontario. To fast rider, a day is enough to get through all hotspots but spending more time means having some time with the regions signature destinations.

Cycling Ain Niagara

Cyclists are well taken care of here. For instance, the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre provides detailed maps with every detail that might be important to the tourist. Also. This center runs some initiatives to ensure that the cycling tourism market here is synchronized. In light of this, most businesses here are cycling-friendly offering parking and secure bike-storage features.

Points of Interest

The main attraction in the Niagara is, of course, the spectacular Niagara Falls. In this region, cyclists can hop right into other attractions like the Old Fort Erie, the crystal beach, point albino lighthouse, and St Catherine’s Museum among other attractions.

Exploring the Niagara Area by bike is among the best ways to experience the attractions in this area. The cycling trails here are made with the interests of all bikers at heart.