If you are looking to explore Canada by hiking, make sure you do your research and plan properly and thoroughly. For many travelers, a backpacking adventure is a right of passage and a timeless badge of honor. Some hiking trails in Canada can span thousands of kilometers whereas other paths might be a few kilometers long. So here are some of the best hiking trails in Canada.

British Columbia

This hiking trail extends through 53 kilometers linking northern BC and Alaska. This hiking trail is often considered as a backpacker’s must-do. This hiking trail pays great dividends to travelers in terms of natural sceneries, solitude, and timeless historical wonders.

Coastal Hiking Trail

Located in the Pukaskwa – Ontario’s national park, the coastal hiking trail stretches across a massive 58 kilometers. Backpackers covering this trail have through the serene woodlands, pass through the steep shore rocks, and follow the rock cairns located along the pebble beaches while they Marvel at the sprawling the views of Lake Superior.

The Liberty Lake Trail

For a quintessential hiking experience, consider tackling the 64-kilometer liberty lake trail. Located in the Kejimkujik National Park, this trail boasts of a plethora of camping options along the route, babbling brooks, and mosses as you traverse through the softwoods. Notwithstanding, the night time scenery is undoubtedly timeless.

The Baden Powell Trail

The Baden Power Trail, located on Vancouver’s North Shore, is best known for is magnificent wildness experience. This 48km hiking trail runs from the Deep Cove to the Horseshoe Bay in the Northern and Western parts of Vancouver. This trail goes over the Black Mountain, through the evergreens, over the famous Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, and other attractions. Tackling the whole path is a lot more than going for a hike.

The Hiking Trails described here are certainly welcoming. Depending on your budget, time, fitness levels, and other special considerations, you can always try even the 1200km Great Divide Trail.