Fishing presents one of the best ways to get in touch with Mother Nature. Also, the pleasure of making a decent catch can be equally satisfying. Some of the most beautiful fishing attraction are located in Canada, and this nation has earned global recognition for its high-quality fishing opportunities. So if you love fishing adventures, here are some of the best places to fish in Canada.

The Tree River

The river is highly regarded when by most fishing enthusiasts. This river empties into the Arctic Ocean. The beautiful sights and the variety of arctic char (a special type of salmon fish) are known to offer a timeless fishing experience. In light of this, a good number of renowned travel blogs have enough reason to rate it among the best arctic char fisheries in the world.

The Kakagi Lake

Also known as the Crow, this Ontario lake is home to a vast variety of fish species. This lake is located along the Hudson Bay and is part of the famous ‘lakes of the woods.’ If you are passionate about hunting for monster fishes, fishing in this lake presents a rare opportunity of writing and re-writing your fishing records.

The Jasper National Park – Lake Maligne

Another place known for top-class fishing adventures is Lake Maligne. This lake is located close to a rocky mountain range in Alberta. To a fisher, the mount and variety of trout waiting here is quite tempting. Fishing here can be incredible and this is evidenced by millions of tourists that flock to this lake annually.

Other notable mentions include; The Great Slave Lake, Tobin Lake, and the Kispiox River among others. Fishing in one of these lakes presents one of the finest fishing adventures. Some attractions offer other activities like baited beer and deer hunting, but who would want to focus on such activities when they can fish?