Rocky Mountain National Park Deploys Team to Search for Missing Hiker

The Rocky Mountain National Park has officially announced that will hit the ground running to try and trace the location of a hiker who has been missing for some time now. Brian Joseph Perri aged 38 years is the man who is believed to have failed to return from a hike up Mount Meeker after he had texted a photo to a friend after getting to the top. He was reported missing on July 5 after failing to return from the hike.

It has been since established that this solo-hiker only intended to go for a day hike. As such, he did not carry any camping gear. However, what keeps Perri’ s family hopes alive is the fact that he has undergone some Army survival Training and Could still be somewhere in the woods.

Days after he went missing, a rescue team was deployed as covered close to 22.5 square miles without success. Weeks have gone now, the Rocky Mountain National Park rescue team is expected to send out a dog team to look for the hiker. This is after sending yet another team to probe the area last week without success.

The park’s spokeswoman Kyle Patterson remains focused that team to be deployed this week will be successful. Also, they also intend to continue with their investigations as the dog team seeks to locate this hiker and finally let his friends and family know about his whereabouts. However, in her response via email, Patterson did not sound sure if they would continue to schedule for searches if this one ends up like the rest.

Besides the dog search, the search team is also looking for any shred of information from other hikers who could have possibly crossed paths. Also, anyone with other clues like abandoned hiking essentials is encouraged to share them with the park or family members.