One can not talk about mountain traveling in Canada without mentioning the famous Rocky Mountains. This massive mountain range forms a spiny and natural border between Canada’s western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The Rocky Mountains will always have something awe-inspiring and spectacular to see at any time of the year – there is nothing like a wrong time to visit the Rockies.

Winter in the Rockies

Most people tend to shy away from traveling to the mountains during the summer. Unfortunately, there is no substantial reason for not visiting the Rockies during winter. In fact, this could be the best time to visit this mountain with snow topping the peaks. Winter months are also perfect for fun-filled activities like skiing, riding flat bikes in the snow, the dog sled, among other classic winter activities.

Spring in the Rockies

As spring sets in, the ice and snow start to melt sparking a new form of life. The highest peaks still retain their snow, on the tracks, everything turns green. Spring is the best time to see the wildlife in their natural habitats. The Rockies are home to the elk, moose, deer, mountain goat, and the bighorn sheep.

Summer in the Rockies

Summer times in the Rockies are the best to hit the trails. With the long days and warm weather, most tourists flock to the Rockies during the summer. Being the most crowded times, most visitors use the paved trails. Summer times are ideal for avid hikers to get off the beaten path to avoid traffic and also get closer to the main attractions.

Fall in the Rockies

As the temperatures cool and the summer crowds long gone, the fall presents a dramatic change in scenery. With leaves changing and falling and the larch standing out – with its golden foliage, the contrasting views are undoubtedly incredible.

No matter when you visit the Rockies, there will always be something fascinating to see.