To many, a fishing adventure to Canadian waters can be out of reach. However, a true angler knows that Canadian fishing expeditions have a lot to offer. Canadian fisheries receive a record number of tourists in the summer. Summer months are known for trophy fishing, and the ratio of trophies per guest reach record numbers between July and September.

Summers presents the perfect environment for an excellent deep water fishing where fish populations grow exponentially, and active moose populations frequent the lake shows. Notwithstanding, the summer temperatures here favor any fishing adventure. Here are some fish species to look for in your next fishing adventure.

Northern Pike

The summer months are always the best months for northern pike fishing both in terms of quantity and size. Between July and August expect to have great action in both shallow and deep lake waters. To raise these big carnivorous monsters, you only need to cast in the fan pattern with the right plugs and spoons.


The best time to go for Walleye fishing is early September, preferably in the first two weeks of September. These fish are normally found at about 18-25 feet below the surface, but they might occasionally come up especially during early evening feeding. What makes summer walleye fishing more exciting is the high frequency of larger fish, especially the trophies.

Lake Trout

Lake trout fishes thrive in temperatures around 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, they adjust their depths accordingly depending on the search for pleasant temperatures but also move out from their ‘preferred’ position to feed. Summer temperatures mean that the lake trout might come higher but often remain in deeper positions.

Summer fishing in Canada can be very pleasurable, but it also comes down to the quality of your planning. However, the best time to go fishing is before 1:00 pm and after 5:00 pm. A fishing adventure in the summers presents a perfect summer vacation for friends and families.