Tourism Trends in Canada 2018

Based on the solid growth of the tourism industry in 2017, overseas visits top Canada are expected to get to record numbers in 2018. Current projections estimate the numbers are expected to grow by close to 7%, which will take the total number of tourists flocking to Canada this year to over 9 million visitors.

As overseas vests are expected to increase from all continent, Canada’s Travel market Reports the highest growth is poised to be from China and Mexico. The numbers from China are expected to grow, thanks to the positive reports coming from the Canada-China Year of tourism. On the other hand, the lifting of visa requirements for travelers from Mexico will give more Mexicans the motivation to come and enjoy Canada’s sights and wonders.

Besides the gains experienced in 2017, 2018’s greatest beneficiary is expected to be Vancouver thanks to the high number of sporting and cultural attractions in this city.

Visits to Edmonton are also expected to increase by 2.9 percent. This growth is inspired by the popularity of some of the attractions here like the Magnificent Royal Alberta Museum.

Tourism growth in Ottawa is expected to ease from the increase realized in 2017. However, the volume of tourists coming to this part of the country could be marginally different from the numbers recorded last year.

Toronto was a key beneficiary of high tourism numbers last year. Things are expected to get even better with the numbers expected to increase by 3.5% from 2017. The Raptor’s playoff run and some recently approved direct flights to the city are believed to the key drivers for international visits this year.

Other Canadian cities set to welcome a record number of tourists include; Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, and St. Catharine’s –Niagara. In all tourism-related activities, the Canadian tourism industry expected to expand by 2.6% this year.

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